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Honestly, I have been wanting to create a post in honor of Pride since the beginning of June, but I have found it a struggle to write about.

This time of celebration, empowerment, and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community is very important for members and allies. I love witnessing the unapologetic self-expression, joy, and celebration. I appreciate the opportunity it offers to embrace and affirm one's identity while being surrounded by a supportive community.

There are so many positive things about this time - experiences can be empowering and validating, reminding individuals of their resilience and strength. It serves as a reminder of the progress made in the fight for equality and the continued work that lies ahead. That's what caused my block I think - getting stuck in the ick of the renewed and overwhelming attacks against the community. As frightening and distressing as the situation is, do not forget the resilience and courage that arises from living authentically. That is what I want for all of us - to be able to live our most authentic lives. The attackers may be loud, but the LGBTQ+ community will always outlast. No matter how many people are slinging hate, at the end of the day, pride will be here. In organizations, in parades, in books, in families, in the arms of your friends, the love of a community can be seen. Pride is something to be lived all year.

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