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Creating a Healthier You

In order to feel "well", there are five dimensions of our personal health that we need to attend to. The five aspects of wellness include our physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual health.

Physical wellness includes exercising, eating healthy, not skipping meals, getting adequate sleep and avoiding heavy substance use.

Emotional health can be bolstered by exploring different stress relief methods such as yoga or mediation. Talking to a professional or someone you trust to share your feelings with is also helpful.

Intellectual stimulation from reading, taking classes, joining a book club and seeking out new experiences can help keep your mind sharp.

Social wellbeing can be improved by remaining or becoming involved with others and avoid isolation. Join a club or volunteer. I do want to caution you about social media however. While connecting with others on social media can be a good option, it should be done cautiously and

Spiritual health does not necessarily mean practicing organized religion. Taking a moment each day just to be and observe the world around you feeds your spirit. Practicing gratitude exercises or spend time in nature are also good options. If it fits for you, take time to pray or meditate.

You may notice that these dimensions overlap and you can easily integrate practices into your life that will address multiple aspects of your wellness. You have the power to make the choices to live the life you want.

Interested in more guidance and support to improve your overall wellness? Contact us today!

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